Arizona, Virginia tell LGBT parents we are not worthy

Wow. You might think that Florida is becoming one of the more progressive states, given the LGBT-unfriendly developments in Virginia and Arizona this week.

This story reports the latest bad news from our sister states. A progressive idea in Virginia is shot down, and a regressive policy moves forward in Arizona. A board in Virginia removed a policy proposal that would have prevented adoption agencies from being biased toward LGBT parents.  Arizona Gov. Brewer (seen above in an infamous video where she is amazingly inarticulate) signed a policy that gives preference to married heterosexual couples.

These moves continue to tell LGBT people that they cannot be as good a parent as a straight person, and that’s just not the case. Children are not raised in a house on the prairie. They have teachers, coaches, friends’ parents and a large network of others who provide guidance and role models. And these people often come in every flavor of race, gender, sexuality and age.

“This is a law based on stereotypes and cultural assumptions about gay people being bad for kids,” said James Essex, an attorney with the ACLU who specializes in LGBT issues.

To assume that only a straight man and straight woman who are married can bring up healthy children is absurd.

BTW: I posted a Fox story because it included news from both states, and seemed somewhat fair. However, I hate its reference to culture wars. There is not an LGBT or straight culture when it comes to families and children.


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Graduate student in master's of political communication program University of Florida Gainesville,FL
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