You Tube video takes on Huckabee’s position on adoption

There is no limit to the sarcasm in this biting You Tube video about Mike Huckabee and  his position on gay adoption.

Huckabee scares me as a potential presidential candidate (although he won’t say anything that definite about running) because his “aw shucks” demeanor and sense of humor belie his far right tendencies. Let’s not forget he is a Southern Baptist minister and there is no Protestant denomination more against equal rights for LGBT people.

Not long ago, Huckabee took up residency in the Florida Panhandle, moving from Arkansas, and you just have to wonder if the Rev. Huckabee did so because of the pivotal status of Florida as we head toward the 2012 presidential race.

The video author rightly points out that children are being reared in all types of families, with all forms of parental guidance: lots of stepfathers and stepmothers; a single parent with a grandparent; grandparents only.  The list goes on. And yet Huckabee  is obsessed with same-sex parents as the apparent downfall of society. It’s gay-baiting, clear and simple, and the message works on so many voters.

Huckabee is framing the issue in ways to make the average uninvolved voter wary of what he’s calling an “experiment” of allowing LGBT people to raise children. The video author becomes almost bitter while talking about this Huckabee tactic, and rightfully so.

Please watch it. Sarcasm and humor….couldn’t get through the day without them in this political climate.


About floridagayparents

Graduate student in master's of political communication program University of Florida Gainesville,FL
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